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Cayuga Displays - Display and Fixture Accessories
Cayuga Displays Bakery Displays, Bakery Shelving and Bakery Fixtures
Cayuga Displays Deli Displays and Fixtures
Cayuga Displays Floral Displays, Floral Nesting Tables and Floral Tower Displays
Cayuga Displays Grocery Store Displays, Grocery Store Fixtures and Shelving for Grocery Stores
Cayuga Displays Produce Displays, Produce Tables and Produce Pod Displays

Cayuga's Capabilities

  • Refrigerated service, self-service and combination cases
    o Refrigerated spot merchandisers
    o Salad / soup bars
    o Hot food bars
    o Refrigerated fixtures
  • Wood fixturing
  • Millwork
  • Customization & In-house finishing
  • Custom wood profiles & finishes
  • In-house CAD design & modelling

  • Alliances with:
    Fit-Out Contractors & Architects
    Store Designers

Various materials and woods available:
maple, oak, ash and many others - acrylic, steel, stainless steel, wire, glass etc.


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Some videos include:

- an introduction to Cayuga Displays

- a Facility Tour

- a Lab Testing Demo

Produce Displays, Tables & Fixtures


Photo of Barrels

Crate Style Produce Table

Photo of Produce Tables - Orchard Crate Style


Photo of Crates

Highboy Produce Tables

Photo of Produce Tables - Highboy Style

Mobile Banana Tree

Photo of Mobile Banana Tree

Mobile Island Display

Photo of Refrigerated Mobile Island Display

Narrow Produce Tables

Photo of Narrow Produce Tables

Produce Pod Tables

Photo of Produce Pod Tables

Produce Tilt-Table

Photo of Produce Tables - Tilt Style

Refrigerated Orchard Bin

Photo of Refrigerated Orchard Bin

Round Tilt Table

Photo of Round Tilt Table

Stepped Produce Pod Tables

Photo of Produce Pod Tables - Stepped Design

Tilt Style Side Wing Tables

Photo of Produce Tables - Tilt Style with Side Wings

Tilt Table End Caps

Photo of Tilt Table End Caps

Produce Tilt Table Accessories

Optional Clip on Sign-holder

Photo of Optional Clip on Sign-holder for Produce Tilt-Table

Optional Pull-out Base

Photo of Optional Pull-out Base for Produce Tilt-Table

Side Shelf

Photo of Side Shelf for Produce Tilt-Table

Upper Shelf

Photo of Upper Shelf for Produce Tilt-Table

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